As final assignment in Component Oriented Programming class in Duta Wacana Christian University, we made this component. Our team consists of three students.
  • Timothy Ricardo
  • Ebed Kharistian Marsudi
  • Rizki Andisa Pranata

Project Description
Proxificator is component for getting the appropriate proxy

This project was made in the need of getting specific proxy list easily. It is a component made with three main function such as extracting proxy list from a certain website, judging proxies based on time out and anonymity from a certain website, and setting a proxy in the operating system.

Application Example
Using this component, we've made an application that can extract proxies from a certain website, judging proxies with user-settings of maximum threads and time out, and also show the result of each proxies. From the list of judged proxies whether it is anonymous, transparent, or elite, we can set the proxy in the operating system settings.

Proxificator App.png

This application is available in Download section.

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